Dick Cheney Is Really Dick Cheney!

During the past eight years one has often wondered if the constant attacks by this writer on Vice President Dick Cheney stemmed from differences about politics or differences concerning the nature of democracy in America and the world. Dick Cheney’s face was frequently presented with a scowl or an expression of anger and I often wondered if the manner in which he was presented by many members of the media was a fair portrayal of the man as he really is. The events of the George Bush’s last days in office appear to confirm that Cheney has always been Dick Cheney. The Vice President clashed with Bush over the issue of giving convicted felon Lewis Libby a full pardon even though the president had commuted his prison sentence which just left him paying a fine. From all accounts Cheney became furious and is now giving interviews about the mistake Bush made in this matte.

There is something about evil which suggests if one is truly evil, the filth of this component of one’s very being is not readily washed away. Dick Chency has never deviated from being who he is — an angry man whose only concern is for the wealthy and powerful of this nation. He has never for a single solitary moment of his life displayed emotions of empathy and concerned for the weak and powerless. He bought into power and money and the business elite when he was a young man and has continued along that path.

The evil men do lives not only after them, but in the present.

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