Dick Cheney-“We’ve Done Pretty Well”

Vice President Dick Cheney in his first interview since the election defended the past eight years of the Bush-Cheney administration because it handled problems and confronted serious threats of terrorism. Of course, the Darth Vader of the government did not explain how Iraq changed from a nation that did not contain any members of al-Qaeda into a recruiting ground for terrorists except to say, given the circumstances, “I think we’ve done pretty well.” One suspects that is about the same insight as Sarah Palin explaining her knowledge of Russia by exclaiming in her shrill voice that she gazes across the Bering Straits and sees it. Mr. Cheney made clear the Bush-Cheney administration did not believe in torture but defended the use of waterboarding as an appropriate manner in dealing with terrorism. One can only assume since waterboarding is something like surfing in the ocean, the vice president would not mind a session in which he was water-boarded about his respect for American law.

Cheney agreed that no WMD had been found, but the more important issue was Saddam Hussein “had the technology. he had the people.” He boasted the United States had treated the prisoners at Guantanamo in a manner that no other nation would have done in terms of being humane and respectful of the needs of our enemies. Of course, Mr. Cheney did not explain if the men at Guantanamo were actually guilty of something given there have been no trials. But, what the heck, who needs trials, this is Bush-Cheney America!