Dick Heads Unite For Putin

President Vladimir Putin and his merry band of stooges are angry at the Foreign Minister of Ukraine who had the audacity to insult the great man who leads Russia. Pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine obtained missiles from guess who? They fired a missile at a Ukraine airplane and the result was 49 dead Ukrainian soldiers. For some strange reason, this atrocity angered people in Ukraine. A band attacked the Russian Embassy and broke windows as they shouted insults. Ukraine Foreign Minister Andrily Deshchytsia told the crowd, “I am ready to be here with you and say, Russia get out of Ukraine.” Then, he uttered words that no Russian would dare say about their beloved president. “Putin is a dick head, yes.”

Now, we have another cause of war. Russian officials are not upset that 49 Ukraine soldiers are dead. They are not upset that a Ukraine plane has been shot down. They are not upset that thugs armed with their weapons are attacking and killing people in Ukraine. NO, they are upset because Ukrainians have insulted the beloved leader of Russia. Russian Parliament leader, Leonid Slutsky warned Ukraine that shouting obscenities “on the Russian president in the context of an illegal action” is an “act of aggression” against Russia.

In other words, blasting a Ukraine plane out of the air and causing deaths is NOT an “illegal action” but saying, “dick head” is!