Dick Lugar, Quiet Voice of Desperation

During the past few days many newspapers and TV shows have reported comments by Republican Senator Dick Lugar of Indiana which are highly critical of Bush policies. He believes the war in Iraq “has lost contact with our vital national security interests in the Middle East and beyond.” As of this date, the only reaction from Bush is a ho hum and silence.

Senator Lugar is a decent man, one who has never stooped to the level of personal vituperation so common among his colleagues. In a sense, Lugar symbolized everything that has gone wrong with this Republican administration. Republican senators expressed their dismay at Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and Bush responded that he is doing a good job. I suspect Lugar, and several other Republican senators, are finally realizing as far as Bush is concerned, government is a one man operation and the decider makes decisions. Congress can be damned. The Imperial Presidency simply can not envision sharing of power which is the foundation of our Constitution. Bush has attempted to grab power via the ploy of frightening the population with visions of terrorists stalking the streets of America.

Perhaps, it is time for decent Republican senators to switch parties, particularly if they are concerned about the liberties we of this nation hold dear. Senator Lugar, you know Bush doesn’t care one bit about your comments or those of any critic — so what will you do about it?