Dictator Film Banned In Tajikistan!

At this blog we offer the unwary warnings concerning places they should avoid if they  really enjoy any article appearing on these pages. Emomail Rakhman has been the head honcho of Tajikistan for over twenty years and he prefers a land in which not only are gay people of the sexual persuasion banned, but so are those who like to crack jokes about important matters. Borat Cohen has produced another film, this one titled, “The Dictator” which deals with a central Asian dictator who does not enjoy dissent.

Actually, in fairness to Emomail, he does not really torture opponents, in fact, he prefers to give them a nice bath in order to clean their bodies of extra stuff like skin. A does of acid  does a world of good for those suffering from sinus or other such ailments. It goes without saying  that the film, The Dictator” will not soon appear in cinemas in this quiet Muslim land far, far away from reality.

I wonder what would happen if Emomail got stranded in Israel??