Dictator Robert Mugabe Gets Applause

Robert Mugabe, leader of Zimbabwe received a thunderous applause from members of the Southern African Development Community. It exceeded that of any other leader. Mugabe assumed leadership of a country that was generally regarded as the most economically progressive nation in Africa, and after twenty years of mismanagement has led his nation into a situation in which there is a 5000% inflation rate, four out of five people lack work, and at least 80% live in poverty. Mugabe and leaders of his party live in luxury while the nation starves. Any opposing political leaders who dare to raise issues of free elections are beaten, if not killed.

For years, leaders of African nations attacked European colonialism and asked the outside world to support their quest for freedom. Africa is now free, but the same leaders remain silent in the face of brutality, violence, and incompetent rulers. One also wonders where are African American members of Congress. Can’t they take leadership to help the people of Zimbabwe?