Dictator Robert Mugabe Gets Arms From China

Robert Mugabe has run Zimbabwe for over thirty years during which times he has transformed a vibrant economy that allowed inhabitants of the nation to enjoy a fairly high standard of living to the spectacle of a country wracked by 80% unemployment and not longer able to produce food for its own people. Mugabe has never been reprimanded by African leaders who prefer a thug of African birth to any other form of individual. Reports indicate a new secret airstrip has been built in a Zimbabwe diamond field in order to serve as a port of entry for arms from China for the thugs and criminals who now rule the country.

The field in which the airstrip is located was taken by soldiers in 2008 from those who possessed the land. Although, Zimbabwe courts have ruled the seizure was illegal, this is Mugabeland and the president only obeys his own laws. Mugabe opponents fear he will use new arms and ammunition to strengthen his power and to ensure he wins any election that might be held for president.