Dictator Robert Mugabe Rants On And On

In theory, President Mugabe of Zimbabwe promised to share power with Morgan Tsvangirai in the aftermath of the stolen presidential election which was won by Tsvangirai and stolen by Mugabe. A group of African nations led by South Africa attempted to persuade the two bit dictator Mugabe to share power in order to end the chaos which had engulfed the nation. During the past two years, Morgan Tsvangirai had worked-and succeeded– to end the calamitous inflation which wrecked country’s economy. His efforts have been challenged at every step of the process by the President who regards Zimbabwe as his personal nation. After all, he led fight to drive out the British which, in his view, entitles him to run everything as long as he breathes.
The latest chapter of the so-called joint government is leading to a ludicrous conclusion. Wikileaks revealed that Prime Minister Tsvangirai had the audacity to speak with the US ambassador to his country!

The Attorney General of Zimbabwe has appointed a group of lawyers to examine whether the prime minister should be charged with treason because Wikileaks reveal he discussed the need for continuing sanctions until Mugabe gave evidence he was really interested in peace and reconciliation with opponents. Most probably there will be some charges laid against the prime minister for failing to wipe the ass of Mugabe.