Did Bradley Manning-Aid The Enemy?

The Bradley Manning trial is coming to a conclusion and, most probably, he will be found guilty of various crimes against the US Army and nature. David Coombs, his defense attorney,  wants the military to remove  its charge that he “aided the enemy” which lacks any credence. He points out that no prior case has ever entailed charging a member of the military with “aiding the enemy” because he gave information to the media. The US government insists that Osama bin Laden could not have been successful without information provided by Private Bradley Manning. Huh? Manning insisted that his goal was to provide discussion  among Americans regarding  the nation’s policies in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

“Aiding the enemy” carries the death penalty. The government has not been able to provide HOW the information led to WHICH attacks. After all, in the fall of 2001  when US soldiers had Osama bin Laden trapped in the mountains of Bora Bora, our previous President George Bush ordered them to leave the area and  prepare for invading Iraq. Wasn’t that an example of “aiding the enemy?”