Did Bush Veto Israel Air Strike Against Iran?

Senator John McCain and other Republican leaders have been arguing that Israel must be supported in its efforts to defend itself against possible Iranian attacks. There have been hints on the part of McCain about backing any Israel action, including possible air strikes. However, according to the British Guardian newspaper, President Bush bluntly told the Israel government he would not be supportive of any Israel military action against Iran. He told Israel that view would not be changed as long as he was president. Prime Minister Olmert supposedly discussed with Bush in May his nation’s thoughts about launching an air strike to destroy Iran’s nuclear capability.

The unconfirmed report about this Israel plan suggests even George Bush understands attacking Iran would result in disruption of shipping in the Gulf and the reality of an over extended American military mission in the region. Ironically, Bush when asked, has said the United States has never taken military action against Iran off the table.

George Bush lives in the world of rhetoric and sometimes his love of “tough language” leads to disastrous results such as in the flawed invasion of Iraq.