Did CNN Apologize To China?

During the turmoil in Tibet, CNN showed videos which the Chinese government insist were incorrect such as claiming people were being loaded on police trucks when the video on closer examination revealed they were being placed in an ambulance. Yesterday, People’s Daily proudly announced, “CNN has finally apologized.” However, the Shanghai Daily believes no such apology was ever given by CNN. The actual statement from Jack Cafferty reads: “And the one thing I regret is that some Chinese citizens in China and Chinese Americans in this country felt like maybe I was insulting them. And that was never my intention. And, I am sorry for that…” He described the Chinese as “goons and thugs” in the broadcast.

The Code of ethics of the AmericanSociety of Professional Journalists says:

1. Show good taste.

2. Avoid stereotyping by race, gender, age, religion, ethnicity, georgraphy, sxual orientation, disability, physical apearance or social status.

3. Admit mistakes quickly.

Did CNN apologize?