Did Democracy Triumph In Afghanistan?

They had an election in the so-called democratic nation of Afghanistan. There was more than one candidate, those running could speak freely, and they even had ballots cast by ordinary citizens. Up to this point, Afghanistan had a democratic election. Initially, outside observers reported the election was close and most probably President Karzai and his main opponent, Abdullah Abdullah both had about 40% of the votes. However, within a few hours, the president’s office claimed Karzai had won about 70% of the vote. Most probably, Karzai consulted with President Ahmadinejad of Iran on how to fix the election.

A third candidate, Ramzan Bahardost ran a surprising strong campaign arguing about corruption in government. Other candidates have joined in the clamor about fraudulent counting of votes, stuffed ballot boxes and so on. There are over a thousand complaints about the election, but the counting goes on. The question is who is doing the counting?

Oh well, just another footnote in America’s drive to bring democracy to the benighted peoples of the world.