Did Dunn Do Right?

Life increasingly is getting tough for we white guys who must live in the same country as a bunch of wild black kids whose only joy is attacking those of the white race. Examine the situation that confronted Michael Dunn, a nice white 47 year old man who works in software development. He went to get some gas for his car. And, wouldn’t you know that a car filled with four black teens pulled up next to him. Naturally, they were playing loud music, they are black kids and anyone knows that white teens prefer soft gentle music. So, real polite like, Michael asks them to tone it down, they do, but naturally, being black teens, they then proceed to turn it up. Michael looked at the car, saw that the teens were ready to kill him and one had a shotgun pointed in his direction. What else could a man do in the state of Florida which says it is OK to Stand Your Ground?

Michael fired ten shots and killed 17 year old Jordan Davis who DELIBERATELY had his body get in front of the bullets. There is no doubt it was a deliberate act to get killed so white liberals could once again condemn gun laws.

After killing the boy, Michael headed for a hotel, ordered some nice pizza and relaxed. No, he did not call the police since this was a case of Stand Your Ground. If some black kid wants to get killed, so be it in the state where one can Stand Your Ground and gun down people.

Oh,as of this moment, they have not found the shotgun which was aimed at Dunn!