Did Gaza Breach Create New Missile Problem?

The Hamas breach of the security barriers around Gaza may have resulted in large scale influx of more advanced weaponry into the area. israel’s Shin Beit’s head, Yuval Diskin, told a briefing the breach allowed dozens of operatives from all of the different terrorist organizations in Syria, Iran and Egypt to infiltrate Gaza. He also believes it led to the movement of long-range rockets, anti-tank missiles and anti-aircraft missiles into Gaza which could be used against Israel forces. Diskin was also concerned about the drop in popularity of Fatah and the slow but steady rise in Hamas popular standing among Palestinians.

Hamas apparently is willing to assume some responsibility for border control and would allow back EU monitors, provided they did not live in Israel. On another matter, Diskin was furious at the Palestinian Authority handling of murders of Israeli citizens by Palestinians. The murderers initially were given 15 year sentences, but, after pressure their prison term was extended to 25.

The entire situation is a time bomb ready to explode. There is need for an international force to assume complete control of Gaza and ensure no more rockets are fired. If not, the world may yet witness an Israel invasion which results in bloody body counts.