Did He Penetrate Is The Question For Student?

There are many versions as to what happened a year ago at an exclusive boys’ school in England and whether or not a teacher had sex with a boy. According to the boy, he and two friends dropped by the home of the teacher one Friday evening and shortly became involved in drinking and a game of “dare.” The teacher allegedly dared two boys to kiss and said if they did she would kiss their friend. After the kissing interlude, the foursome began to consume cider until everyone was drunk. According to the 16 year old boy, the teacher then got him into her bed and made him mount her and penetrate to the core of her being. The four supposedly agreed to remain silent about the evening and went on with their lives.

A year later the boy was suspended from school and then brought charges against the teacher. When asked why it took a year and why it occurred after his suspension, the boy pleaded innocence. A coincidence?