Did Hillary Clinton Dodge A Tough Question?

Last week, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appeared before a group of Saudi students who were asked to pose questions. Mariyam Mavi, a student at a Jeddah college, came to the session with classmates and asked the US leader a question that apparently created a problem for the Secretary of State. She asked Clinton about the American stance on nuclear weapons in the Middle East and specifically wanted to know America’s stand on Israel’s nuclear weapon program. “I did not get a straight answer” the young woman told the Arab Press. She wanted to know if America was “so vehemently opposed to Iran’s nuclear program” Clinton responded with a lengthy analysis concerning Iran’s nuclear program, but did not mention Israel’s nuclear development.

The Arab news made clear to the United States that Muslims in the Middle East were interested in answers to complex questions, among which is how the Obama administration will confront behavior of the Netanyahu government on the West Bank. Platitudes about the faults of Iran do not respond to questions in the minds of Arab peoples.