Did I hear Gun Control?

Once upon a time in America there were laws which restricted the right of people to wander around with a gun in their hand. Today, the mere mention of suggesting a law that prevents kindergarten children from possessing a gun is met with cries of: COMMUNISM, NAZIS and so on. After all, does’t it violate your 2nd Amendment rights is babies in cribs are denied access to guns?

Conservative William Kristol was on a Fox newscast when he shocked everyone by coming out for gun control. “I don’t think people have a right to semi-automatic guns”or guns that “can shoot hundreds of bullets at a time. And, I think Democrats are being foolish and being cowardly. I think there is more support for some moderate forms of gun control.” OK, Bill, are you going to urge Republicans to put forth gun control laws?

Obama is coward according to  Kristol, but he never mentions what he thinks about Mitt Romney and gun control. I wonder why.