Did I Miss Something?

Every so often I think, by mistake, I was dropped off on planet Earth so I could experience the strange minds of creatures known as Texans. A group of Texans decided to hold a rally at the Alamo with rifles in their hands in order to demonstrate that no one is going to shove them around. As Victoria Montgomery told the media: “we’re doing this to show that we’re not going to back down. We are going to fight for our rights and it is not OK for police to just say whatever they want and make up the rules as they go along.” I have absolutely no idea what she refers to and how or why police are interfering with individual rights. She has a rifle, it is in her hands, she is standing before the Alamo. So, what exactly is the issue?

Unfortunately, this rally can not conclude in a like manner to what happened at the Alamo when all with rifles in their hands took a trip to Heaven.