Did North Korea Provide Nuclear Aid To Syria?

The United States and Israel insist North Korea provided assistance to Syria in order to begin construction of a nuclear facility. Syria’s Al Kibar reactor was destroyed in an Israel raid on September 6, 2007. US Central Intelligence Director, Michael Hayden, said the reactor was “similar” in size and technology to North Korea’s Yongbyon reactor and it would have had the capacity to produce sufficient plutonium for one or two nuclear weapons. At the six nation talks in September, 2007, North Korea agreed to disable all existing nuclear facilities and reaffirmed its pledge not to transfer nuclear materials, technology or information to other nations.

Both North Korea and Syria deny cooperating on any nuclear exchange, but there is sufficient evidence to doubt their statements. North Korea wants its name removed from the American terrorist list, but conducting such covert assistance to third party nations to facilitate construction of nuclear weapons will not result in that removal. Perhaps, it is time to ask the UN to send an investigating team to Syria and investigate the site and discuss with Syrian leaders the importance of not attempting to construct nuclear weapons.