Did Obama Gain In Europe And Lose In America?

There is some evidence that Senator Barack Obama may have damaged his candidacy by making a tour of Europe as the latest Gallup poll revealed his lead over Senator McCain has narrowed. Andrew Seder, a reporter for a Wiles Barre newspaper, said, “for the past two days on talk radio here, pretty much every caller wanted to know why Baracvk Obama was in europe and the Middle East rather than talking to people back home about issues here.” The Gallup poll showed the race had narrowed to a 45% for Obama and 43% for McCain.

The mood of the American people has turned inward rather than being concerned about issues abroad. After seven years of misadventure under the leadership of George Bush while the economy declines, many Americans want candidates to focus on their immediate needs rather than describing grand strategies for solving problems in the world. As gasoline hits over $4 a gallon, the average American is frightened about his/her daily life and simply wants to turn off world issues and focus on their own daily lives.

Most probably, the average American will turn away from Senator McCain because he offers no alternative to the Bush fiasco which has not only created chaos in the world, but has resulted in a lethargic American economy.