Did Palestinians Give Up Everything For Peace?

A huge controversy has arisen over documents released by Al Jazeera which indicate major concessions on the part of Palestinian negotiators in order to secure peace with Israel and creation of an independent Palestinian homeland. In 2008, Palestinians told Israel Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni that all large Jewish settlements on the outer edges of Jerusalem could be yielded to Israel in a peace settlement. However, they made clear that East Jerusalem must eventually be the new capitol of a Palestinian state. They were also willing to allow Israel to keep about 5% of the West Bank since those are areas containing extensive Jewish settlements. According to the documents, Livni still did not believe Palestinians had gone far enough because several Jewish settlements were not included in their offer. Documents also claim that Palestinian negotiators were willing to agree on a plan that allowed 10,000 refugees to return each year over a ten year plan. Instead of demanding sole control of the Temple Mount, Palestinians were willing to allow an international group to be in charge.

It is still unclear if the released documents are accurate. If they are true, it once again demonstrates a stubborn attitude on the part of Israel leaders who are not satisfied with 90% of the cake but want the entire cake. Israel once again stands before the world as obstinate and refusing to seriously enter into negotiations even though promised many of their goals being achieved.