Did Petraeus Betray Us?

Former CIA Director General David Petraeus once again appeared before a Congressional committee chaired by Rep. Peter King who once asked the general to run for president. The ongoing saga about the death of four Americans has now reached the ludicrous point where  some compare these deaths with the attack on Pearl Harbor or 9/11. King complained that in previous testimony Petraeus claimed the attack was in response to the famous video but now he was blaming al-Qaeda. Wow, this is  terrible. Imagine making a mistake about an attack!!

Yes, there are discrepancies about an event from initial interpretation to the time when more data was available. This happens every day and more so when attempting to figure out an attack five thousand miles away. Do Republicans have nothing better to do with the issues facing America to make a mountain out of a mole hill??

His name is Petraeus but he never betrayed anyone other than his wife!