Did Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov Use The “F” Word?

In the midst of financial crises, a vice presidential nominee in the United States who doesn’t know the meaning of the Bush Doctrine and her knowledge of Russia consists of going to the movies or looking out the window, a new significant issue is gripping the world — what did Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov say to British Foreign Secretary David Miliband? The Daily Telegraph insists the transcript of phone conversations between British and Russian leaders during the crisis in Georgia was so laden with obscenities that is has been difficult putting together a transcript. In Moscow, a spokesperson denied the accusation and said there was a campaign to “attain political ends by pouring oil on the flames of hysteria surrounding Russian actions in the Caucasus.”

Unfortunately, there appears to be some miscommunication in the Russian Foreign Office because Lavrov publicly admitted he used some rather choice words to express himself while engaged in conversations with Miliband. However, Lavrov insists, he simply quoted to Miliband what a “European source” said about Saakashvili who was described as a “F—— lunatic.”