Did Sarkozy And Brown Save Western Societies?

American conservatives continually boast about the superiority of the free enterprise system in their nation and make disparaging comments about “European free enterprise” which is more regulated by government. One can only wonder if those conservative pundits are ready to make their argument in light of recent events. Labor Prime Minister Gordon Brown and President Nicolas Sarkozy of France played leading roles in stabilizing the economic situation while in America both Congress and the president were in complete disarray. They came up with the idea of state recapitalisation and Sarkozy was even willing to explore the idea of nationalisation if that was the only alternative. The conservative British Daily Telegraph, was forced to comment: “George Brown can savour the greatest comeback since John Travolta emerged from soap oblivion to make Pulp Fiction.”

French and British newspapers hailed the work of the two leaders as saving their nations from complete disaster. Meanwhile, back in America, Bush once again came across as confused and ignorant about how to solve a problem. He was finally compelled to follow the example of his European counter parts.

One can only wonder if American conservatives will continue selling their hogwash of no government regulation of the economy?