Did Someone Say “Gun Rights??”

It is doubtful if more than 15% of Americans actually give a damn about wandering the streets of this nation carrying a weapon of limited destruction. OK, so some kids got killed in some school in Connecticut, does this mean I can not carry my weapon into a school? Do you really mean that I do not have the right to shoot someone? It says clearly in the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution that if I fear you threaten me, I have the right to blast away and kill you. Just check the Constitution. OK, so in western days the sheriff could make me check my gun prior to entering town, but that was before al-Qaeda appeared. I am scared to send my kid to kindergarten, some other kid in the room might have a gun-my child has the right to defend herself.

Pat Toomey and Joe Manchin, a Republican and a Democratic senator worked to put together a bill that would allow the government to conduct a check to see if  an individual should have the right to own a weapon of minor destruction. Several Republican senators received some phone calls from something called the NRA and decided they would not allow debate on this proposed law.

Let’s face it, this vote would determine the future of America. Once we allow members of Congress to discuss something and proceed with a vote it ends the democracy that was established by our Founding Fathers!

  • Drake_Burrwood

    Actually the children have the right to expect someone to be equipped to protect them.
    Of course in an actual gun fight, not counting snipers and suicide, the ratio is one death out for three. Unlike the feral minded the law abiding finish taking the rogue predators out of combat, they then call 911.