Did “Surge” Actually Succeed?

During the recent confirmation hearing for Chuck Hagel his former friend and now foes, Senator John McCain demanded an answer to the question as to whether Hagel would now admit his opposition to the famous “surge”led by General David Petraeus was wrong. Hagel refused to give a yes or no answer. Senator McCain now has an answer to his question. Eight years AFTER the surge, car bombs rocked the city of Baghdad. Nine bombers, including suicide insurgents, blasted away leaving anywhere from 31 to 50 dead and overt 150 wounded. Terrorism never halted despite the “surge” which allegedly halted violence in the capital.

John McCain was wrong about the  surge just as he has been wrong regarding violence in the Middle East. In reality, the surge did produce an immediate benefit of REDUCING violence due to efforts of Sunni Awakening Councils which  dealt with al-Qaeda. After Prime Minister Maliki took power he refused to work with Sunni leaders and this led to renewed violence. Sorry, Senator McCain, it was NOT Petraeus who led to reduced violence, it was the Awakening Councils!