Did Surge Result In Surge Of Violence?

For over a year, supporters of the Iraq was have cited the famous “surge” which they claim ended violence and proved America could win the war in Iraq, with or without WMD. General David Petraeus, who designed the surge, now expresses the view of being very concerned about the growing escalation in violence within Iraq– a year after the surge. However, according to General Petraeus while violence is escalating in Iraq, “it is a heck of a lot less than the height of violence in Iraq.”

His comments are reassuring. Now, we know there is an escalation of violence in Iraq, but it is not as bad as two years ago. Question: Exactly when does the surge lead to no more surges in violence?

  • http://viewsfromtheleftcoast.blogspot.com NatetheGrate

    Why are we still talking about the “surge” like it was a brilliant strategem? All that happened in the “surge” was the Bush administration finally listening to its commanders in Iraq and putting the proper number of troops. Had that been the troop level in the first place, thousands of U.S. casualties might have been avoided.