Did Sweden Assist US Rendition Program?

The right wing media continually decries “socialism” as a concept which is antithetical to the fight against terrorism and insists socialists are soft on al-Qaeda and other such groups. It now appears the Social Democrat government of Sweden actively assisted the American rendition program which secreted men accused of being terrorists in foreign jails. Two prominent left wing Swedish legislators are calling for an investigation how Swedish authorities knew the CIA was landing planes in Sweden that carried suspect terror suspects on their voyage to a prison. Hans Linde and Alice Astrom argued: “in this situation, one would expect a strong protest from the Swedish government,” but the government remained silent about CIA operations in their nation.

The ironic aspect of their protest is that information concerning the CIA rendition program in Sweden has been reported by the media while the government remains silent. The legislators want a full scale investigation as to why Parliament did not investigate rumors and allowed their national territory to be used in clandestine spy operations.