Did The Iranian Revolution Of 1979 Fail?

The world of 2010 frequently fails to remember how the Iranian revolution of 1979 which drove from power a shah whose regime was noted for suppression of individual rights was viewed by Western liberals. Opposition leader in Iran, MIr Hossein Mousavi, who played a leading role in overthrowing the Shah, said what they had set out to achieve has failed and been replaced by a “tyranny and dictatorship.” Even as he wrote, still another protestor has been condemned to death for expressing freedom of speech, a goal of the revolutionaries. “Dictatorship in the name of religion,” said Mousavi, “is the worst kind.. The most evident manifestation of a continued tyrannical attitude is the abuse of parliament and judiciary. We have completely lost hope in the judiciary.” He no longer believed the revolution ended the tyranny of brutality and oppression since it lives on in the current government.

Since the flawed election of Ahmadinejad in June of last year, there has been ongoing protests, killings of demonstrators, and executions carried out by the judiciary system. In the immortal words of the comic strip character, Pogo, “we have met the enemy and he is us.”

  • http://www.freerepublic.com Burt

    The religious fundamentalists (Pro-Khomeini) hijacked the 1979 Iranian people’s revolution and declared themselves as the “voice” for Iran and its people. We all know how it was to end…

    This is the People’s message to the foreigners responsible for the 1953 coup against Mossadegh AND the religious sect for aggravating the Western powers who CONTINUE to bomb cities outside Iran. This history has made the people of Iran all casualties.

    The religious sect and foreign powers on Iran will cease with this very known history.