Did The Obama Administration Lie To Senior Citizens?

For the first time in over thirty years, senior citizens who are retired and in the Social Security administration, were denied a cost of living increase due to increased expenses. The Obama administration argued since there was no inflation during the past year, expenses for the elderly would remain static. Unfortunately, those of us who received our December statement from Social Security were informed of raises in our premiums. I will now pay an additional $100 per month for the premium, my wife will pay $80 more and our payments for supplementary Blue Cross coverage also were raised. Perhaps, the president can explain how our payments remained “static” in the face of these concrete specific facts about a rise in cost for senior citizens?

Many in Social Security voted for Barack Obama because we believed he was concerned about the elderly and would end the Bush administration policies of discrimination against elderly war veterans. The Bush administration introduced the concept that to take advantage of VA facilities, one could not earn over a certain amount of money. This concept is outrageous since it discriminates against those who fought for this country.

The bottom line is that Obama is simply, Bush Light when it comes to the elderly.