Did Tony Blair Let To People Of UK?

The controversy continues regarding who originated the war in Iraq, when was the decision made for such action and what was the rationale behind the decision. Peter Goldsmith, then attorney general in the United Kingdom insists he told Prime Minister Tony Blair his decision to join with the United States and overthrow the government of Saddam Hussein was illegal. When asked by CNN if this was what happened, Blair responded: “No, it’s not” and indicated he would provide any inquiry group his version of the decision to go to war. Goldsmith said he told the prime minister the United Kingdom could not go to war just because its government disliked the regime of Saddam Hussein. Unfortunately, for Tony Blair more and more officials in his government are providing similar accounts about the decision for war.

The bottom line is there was no need for immediate action in March, 2003. UN inspectors had asked for several weeks in order to complete their investigation concerning WMD. President Bush and his lackey, Tony Blair, insisted there had to be an immediate invasion in order to get rid of WMD that posed a security threat. The evidence is overwhelming that there were no WMD and no need for any invasion in March, 2003.