Did US Military Aid Kurdish Insurgents?

A former member of the outlawed Kurdish Workers Party(PKK) told Turkish authorities he had been at insurgent camps where American military personnel visited and discussed topics with senior commanders. He had been a truck driver in Iraq who was captured by the Iraqis and turned over to Turkey. He claimed to see high ranking US military officers in the camp, “they (US officers) used to come and go in a regular basis. However, only senior members were admitted to the meetings so I don’t know about details.” A spokesperson for the US Embassy in Athens termed his remarks as “ridiculous” and claimed there was absolutely no evidence such meetings had ever taken place.

The testimony of a truck driver undoubtedly can not be taken at face value, but there are several unanswered question which still haven’t been cleared up by the American government. Turkish soldiers captured PKK insurgents who were carrying American made weapons which most probably originally were sent to Iraq. It is possible Iraqis could have stolen and sold the weapons to the PKK. The PKK is part of a widespread Kurdish rebellion and a portion of that group is engaged in military activities against Iran. There have been rumors CIA agents were assisting the Kurdish group fighting against Iran. At this point, one can not definitely conclude there has been collusion between American agents and the PKK, but the issue still has yet to be resolved.