Did US President Insult Norway?

These days President Obama might long for nights in Chicago where he only faced the need to placate people like Boss Daley and did not have to worry about the world outside of the windy city. The people of Norway are incensed because Obama will accept the Nobel prize in Sweden and then head back home instead of following the customary path of hopping over to Norway for a round of meetings including one with the Norwegian Nobel Committee. Ordinary Norwegian citizens were furious when the American leader turned down an invitation to have dinner with the King of Norway and took it as a deliberate snub. Obama also turned down the usual press conference with media, TV interviews and host of other events that Nobel winners usually attend.

Obama faced a dilemma. If he had dinner with the King of Norway, right wing talk hosts would spend the night posturing and declaiming how our president was demeaning America by breaking bread with a King. Doesn’t he remember we Americans have never gotten over King George III back in the 1770s? Rush Limbaugh knows Obama does not deserve the Nobel prize and he sure does not deserve having a free lunch with some damn king!