Die Early In US And Keep Gun!

Americans are prone to boast that we are an “exceptional nation.” New reports concerning health offers concrete evidence that Americans are among the most exceptional people in the world. We suffer more violent deaths than people in other wealthy nations and we die much earlier. The US has about six violent deaths per 100,000 and this leads the world! Americans consume more calories than people in other societies and currently at least 40% of the population can be classified as “obese.” That definitely makes us an exceptional people.

The new health studies also reveal that among middle and upper class Americans their health status is worse than middle and upper class people in other nations. Ironically, there is no evidence the number of violent acts differs from those committed in other nations. But the level of violence differs. “One behavior that probably explains the excess lethality of violence and unintentional injuries in the  United States is the widespread possession of  firearms and the common practice of storing them at home.”

I  told you we are exceptional.