Dilemma Of Bowe Bergdahl

For most of his life, Bowe Bergdahl was simply a nice man who went from odd job to odd job without too much engagement with people. He did not join the armed forces because of any strong commitment to friends or country. He simply wanted to travel, see the world, and enjoy his life as a wanderer in time and space. Bowe was raised in the small Idaho town of Hailey, where he had friends, although never in school since he was home schooled. Until the Army, he was a drifter, cleaning guns, working at a shooting club,and various other such jobs. Then, one day, Bowe decided to join the armed forces. In 2009 he wound up in Åfghanistan and most enjoyed interacting with local Afghans and providing them help and supplies. He was a loner in an occupation requiring everyone to interact with one another.

Fellow soldiers report he most enjoyed reading books or doing solitary activities and never joined the guys for a beer or a good time. He was a loner in life and the Army. To this day no one knows why he walked off the post. He is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. People from Hailey have switched from welcoming home a soldier to pretending their ignorance of the man. I suspect he will wind up with a court martial for leaving his post. Perhaps,at that trial we will learn something about this unusual man.