Dilemma Of Zimbabweans In South Africa

During the past two years, Zimbabweans who have been fighting to restore democracy and economic stability to their country have pleaded with leaders of South Africa to take a stand for oppressed people. Invariably, their pleas have been met with indifference because South African leaders –including Nelson Mandela– refuse to break the unofficial policy of not attacking fellow African leaders. One outcome of this blind policy of allowing brutality and oppression to survive is the arrival of over two million Zimbabwean refugees in South Africa. The refusal to act has wound up damaging South Africa.

There are presently 2,000 Zimbabweans crowding the Johannesburg Central Methodist church will hundres living on its surrounding streets. People are subject o physical issues but they live in fear that gangs which hate foreigners will attack them as was done last year. The city governnment is baffled how to solve the problem.

The solution is clear– have the South African government speak openly and honestly to President Robert Mugabe and tell him that his resignation is the first step on the road to ending the economic and social disaster in Zimbabwe and teh first step in helping South Africa.