Dimitry, We Hardly Knew Ye

In his farewell address to the nation, Russian President Dimitry Medvedev expressed ideas that if only spoken a few years ago would have made him the hero of Russian people. He spoke of the importance to establish an honest electoral system which enabled citizens to finally have real power. Medvedev called for returning to governors elected by the  people and ending the Putin system of presidents appointing all governors. Medvedev said he wanted to end requiring 2,000,000 signatures to run for president and reducing the figure to 300,000.

In an astonishing statement the president called for an independent television station that objectively reported news rather than the current system of government controlled television. Most importantly, Medvedev recognized millions of Russians wanted to participate in honest elections. “We must give all active citizens a legitimate opportunity to take part in political life.” He went on to praise events of the past few weeks in which thousands demonstrated for  an open society. “This is confirmed by events of the past few weeks.”

It is too bad Dimitry will not challenge Putin for the presidency. If elected, he might have become the greatest leader in Russian history. Alas, Dimitry, we didn’t know you well or was it, you did not know what had to be done for democracy in Russia?