Diplomacy Or War Is The Question?

Each day there are reports from military leaders in Afghanistan how the situation is becoming worse and the Taliban are winning the war which leads to only one conclusion –send more troops. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton responded to the latest lament by General Stanley McChrystal of the need for troops, by arguing “I can only tell you there are other assessments from very expert military analysts who have worked on counter-insurgency that are the exact opposite” of the McChyrstal belief. There are reports that Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has asked the general to hold off on requesting more troops until the entire strategy dealing with Afghanistan has been reviewed.

President Obama is in a dilemma, if he rejects the McChrystal request, great military experts like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly will blast him for daring to oppose a general. If he accepts the recommendation it simply means more and more without any prospect of success. It also means the Canadians and Germans and British may decide enough is enough.

Mr. President, take a deep breath.