Dirty Harry Blasts Conservatives

Clint Eastwood, who gained fame in movies depicting a conservative advocate of law and order, has become the enemy of Republican conservatives who dislike anyone uttering a word of praise regarding the American economy.Eastwood narrated a two minute Chrysler ad in which he praised the Detroit automobile industry for staging a comback due to aid from the Federal government. After all, it was President Obama who fought to provide financial aid to General Motors and prevented a collapse of the entire industry.

Karl Rove, the evil genius behind George Bush, says the ad “offended” him. He is upset that auto executives seek to claim they have the industry back on top. Ironically, Clint Eastwood only once voted for a Democrat for office. Of course, he angered some by saying he  wasn’t impressed by Mitt.

In the Conservative world, the sun only shines when a conservative Republican is president.