Disaster Looms In Zimbabwe

The constant slow descent into disaster continues in Zimbabwe with infection rates for cholera at the 100,000 mark along with at least 4,200 deaths. The sanitation system has collapsed and hunger stalks the land. It is estimated over 50% of children who have died have been classified as under nourished since food is difficult to find in a society run by a meglomaniac whose only thought is furthering the interests of his friends even if it comes at a cost of hunger and starvation to the people. The 2008 harvest was the worst in history and this year it is even expected to be even more dismal. South African president Jacob Zuma is expected to take a more activist policy against President Mugabe than his predecessor, who allowed friendship to get in the way of saving the people of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is a failed nation. The unemployment rate is about 94% and the education system which once was the pride of Africa has simply collapsed. The solution is clear– Mugabe must go and Morgan Tsvangirai given power to take the steps necessary to restore sanity to the country.