Disdainful McCain Disdained By America

Another debate and another political disaster for Senator John McCain. Both candidates shared generalities but John McCain by body language and comments revealed he simply lacked a connection to America in 2008. His constant references to “experience” and mentioning names like former Democratic House leader, Tip O’Neill meant absolutely nothing to anyone in the audience other than a few old people like myself. His constant reference to “experience” only reinforced his image as a man who says he has “experience” but the experience of listening to him is simply too much for the average American.

CNN had initial poll results and we provide them with the proviso there may be a few minor errors since the numbers were written only a few minutes ago.
Who won the debate? Obama-54% McCain–30%
Whose views on Iraq were supported? Obama -51% McCain– 47%
Whose ideas on handling the economy were supported? Obama-59% McCain-37%
Who was more the politician? Obama –28% McCain –53%
Who was more likable? Obama–63% McCain– 17%
Among Independents who did they believe won? Obama — 54% McCain — 42%

John McCain continually asserts he is a “maverick” but he is also a member of the Republican party and that political group is currently disliked by most Americans. McCain made a terrible mistake in selecting Sarah Palin as his VP. Yes, she could energize the conservative right wing, but in this election McCain needed the votes of Independents. After her initial feisty speech, Sarah Palin has come across as the high school cheerleader whose friends got her elected as head cheerleader while the rest of the school looked on in disgust. Most Americans regard Palin as shallow and incompetent. John McCain would have been in a stronger position today had he selected someone like Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

During the debate McCain’s disdain toward Obama was blatant and very unpresidential. His body language revealed contempt for his opponent and the remark about “that one” referring to Obama went over like a lead balloon. McCain appears to have a sense of entitlement that he deserves to be president and no upstart young twerp can be compared to his years of experience. Of course, to many Americans, his “experience” has been obtained by being engaged actions they disapprove.

Obama will undoubtedly continue his linkage of McCain and Bush in the coming weeks. If Palin insists on ranting on about “Weathermen” it will continue to backfire. Most Americans think she is talking about their nightly weatherman since they don’t have a clue about the Weathermen of the sixties. About 70% of Americans have no idea about her references and 905 are only concerned about the financial situation.

When all is said and done, John McCain comes across as a tired, emotionally and intellectually exhausted man who doesn’t have a clue how to win the election.

Quote of the night. Bill Maher on the Jay Leno show said: “If you placed a gun next to the head of Sarah Palin and asked her what is the SEC, she wouldn’t have a clue. But, she could tell you the type of gun you were holding.”