Disgrace of Mitt Romney

There are times when one wonders if Mitt Romney has any sense of principles and responsibility. His attack on President Obama and the Embassy staff is disgraceful. The Embassy was correct in apologizing for the stupid film produced by a stupid man which inflamed many people in the Middle East. Of course, al-Qaeda and similar groups would seize on anything in order to riot against Americans. That is a given. Therefore, those in the safety of living in the United States of America must avoid placing those in harm’s way in harm.

Romney used a terrible tragedy in order to score points in the political campaign. That might be good political strategy but it is terrible foreign policy strategy. It once again portrays this man as he really is-ready to say anything in order to get votes. Once for abortion, now against it. Once for health care, now against it. Once for gay rights, now against them.

There must be something that Mitt will stand firmly for-of course, he will say anything that leads to a vote.