Dishonor Of Honor Killing

I confess to being a bigot who thinks some religions have weird ideas regarding the status of women and to argue for it on grounds that God wants it that way suggests you have a pipeline that no one else has to the Big Guy in the sky. Tulay Goren was killed on January 7, 1999 after she ran away from home to marry a man who was also a Kurd, but he was also a Sunni Mulsim unlike the Alevis Muslims of her clan. Police believe the body was temporarily hidden in a garden and then removed to a place which has never been found. Her father, Mehmet Goren was convicted of murder and faces a 22 year sentence.

Tulay’s mother saw her daughter tied up the day before the murder. At one point, she looked directly at her husband and asked: “Look at my face. What did you do to Tulay?” But, the father believed in the code of namus, or honor, and thought he had a right to kill his daughter if she defiled the family name by marrying a Muslim from the wrong group. I have always wondered if there is an honor code which allows a daughter to kill her father if he violates their dignity. Just wondering.

  • Alevi

    Dear admins This is a part of a propaganda news by the EU aganist Alevis. This family is not Alevi but Ezidi (Yezidi) acording to Ezidi Kurds Rejm is normal and killing is normal sunnism is also founded by Ezidis. Qerbala killer Yezidi founded sunnism! If you search for the Ezidi honour killings you will see videos of brutual Rejm of honour killing in Kurdish Ezidi cities. Just use google and type Ezidi stone Death girl honurr killing


    watch it

    There is a propaganda aganist Alevis in the Uk by the UK goverment as UK USA and EU is supporting islamofascist sunnis in Turkey. This family is Ezidi and for Ezidis and sunnis honour killing is normal! Hope you will search for Alevism before believing funny lies about us. We Alevis just live with Peace and the result is violence harraesment oppression. I feel very bad when I read this kind of lies. In Turkey Alevi women mostly don’t marry with sunnis as our life style is very different. Alevi women are like European liberal christians in mind and Alevi men ,unlike sunni men, give respect to his daughters sisters wifes womens freedom. Because we Alevis don’t like to be sunnis one of the biggest problems between Alevis and sunnis in turkey is that sunnis are trying to make alevi women wear turban and hijab just like they forced their women. I hope you will visit an alevi Family or comunity and see their life style. This News is full of lies as even 800 years ago Alevi Poetry literacy and music was telling to be antiracist anti fascist and humanistic and peacefull. Even in Alevi villages you can see women swimming with bikinis that makes us the first target of sunni fundemantalist terorism. Hope you will edit this false news as this is an Ezidi Family and Ezidis(Yezidis) are totally different from Alevis We Alevis don’t like Ezidis as Yezid was the killer of the Ali’s family.

  • Alevi

    if and Ezidi (Yezidi) Women or girl is with a non Ezidi the Ezidis will kill her brutually

    watch it

    Ezidi Yezidi or Yezids are the enemies of Alevis they are praying for satan and praying five times just like sunnis. They really do pray for Satan and their religion is totally secret they won’t tell to others about their religion ever never so they are killing the Ezidis marry with other religions.

    There are lots of Ezidis in Turkey and Iraq most of them are Kurdish Ezidis and I ve met a few of them. They are hiding themselves and their religion you can not allowed to learn about them or how they pray. Ezidis and Alevis are like Nazis and Jews but propaganda of emperialism is telling lies about Alevis using the Ezidi Crimes. Westerns don’t know what an Ezidi is and Westerns don’t know what an Alevi is so it’s easy to lie about Alevis. Ezidi is the biggest insult for us as they are the killers of Ali’s family and Ezidi family is killing a women as usual and the western media told that Alevis did this. In Turkey sunni Kurds and sunni others and Ezidi Kurds live like this they are feodal and uncivilised and very brutual people mostly. Being an Alevi is really hard. But anyway the sunni girls or women always prefer to marry with Alevi men cause sunnis are beating their women and force them to live like slaves. There are many reasons for this and you don’t know how hard to be a women in a sunni family or to have a sunni husband! So mostly Alevi girls or women won’t have a relation with a sunni or marry with a sunni men. But sunni families mostly are not aganist if a sunni women or girl marry with an Alevi. Rarely alevi girls marry with sunnis but they always have problems sunni husbands force the women to live like a slave and the result is divorce. Nearly all of the folk songs of Turkish Kurdish and Zaza are formed by Alevis. Painters Poets Musicians Composers Writers Philosophs of Turkey are Alevi if you just learn about the Alevi Lyrics you will see that Alevis really care about their families and wifes.

    Love is God and God is Love and Love is all so hurting a women or child or a peacefull person is impossible for an Alevi. I wish I can tell you about our religion but we have a very complicated literature and language and our feelings and emotions are very different from yours so it is impossible to tell. That makes Alevism hard to tell to other people. So an Alevi have to be born as an Alevi we learn from our families about music Poetry art humanism and not to harm others. if you are not born as an Alevi you can not be Alevi because it is very complicated and we have very strict rules and we have a mind of evolution of the human nature that means resistance tolerance freedom respect and honesty. I advice you to read some Alevi Poetry it’s very deep for a foreigner bu tif you start understanding the 1000 years old poems you will be schocked that Alevis were telling that human rigts, anti racism, anti fascism is a must even 1000 years ago.

  • Guest

    Dear Alevi..

    I agree with what you say about Alevis and have great respect for Alevism. But unfortunately in this case the Goren family ARE Alevi.. They were well known in the Alevi community of London (trust me..)

    The man who did this crime was simply a psychopath. There are psycopaths in ALL faiths / tribes / religions / countries.

    And I do agree that this type of crime is very rare in Alevi communities, because they are respectful of free will and embrace all humans with love.