Dishonor Of Honor Killings

At least once a week or it could be daily, a story appears in a Muslim newspapers concerning a father or brother or uncle or whoever decided to take justice into his own hands and kill a wife or sister or daughter in order to avenge “family honor.” A 19 year old man in Jordan turned himself into the police and admitted he stabbed to death his 22 year old sister because she was absent from home too often without being able to explain where she was or what she was doing. The Jordan criminal code recognizes killing a delinquent member of the family can be regarded as an “honor killing” which automatically does not have it classified as deliberate murder. The young man undoubtedly will be out of jail years before he spends the 10 years to which he was sentenced.

As an outsider to the world of honor killing, my question is: are there occasions in which behavior of a male member of the family can be construed as violation of the family’s honor?