Dishonor Of Honor Murder

Reading Muslim newspapers invariably results in encountering stories concerning the murder of a young woman who was identified by family members as guilty of immodest behavior. It could have been seen chatting with a man not of the family or going on a date with a man who was not approved by the family or some such blatant disregard for proper behavior. In Jordan, an 18 year-old man was sentenced to a ten year term for the brutal murder of his sister. They lived together and one night at dinner got into an argument. The brother picked up a knife and several times plunged it into the body of his sister. All he told police was that she was guilty of “immoral behavior.”

it is always fascinating how Muslim men discover immorality among women, but for some strange reason similar behavior has never been noticed among men. In theory, Jordan has a death penalty for murder, but as far as anyone recalls it has never been applied to an “honor killing.” The day Jordan sentences to death an honor killer will be the day Jordan gains honor in the world.