Dismantling The House Of Bush Stone By Stone

In less than a week, the house of death, destruction, and oppression that Bush constructed over eight years is being dismantled stone by stone as a breath of fresh air sweeps America. President Barack Obama ending the ban on providing federal funds to foreign family planning organizations that offer abortions or information concerning abortion. It will allow US funds to be given organization which work with poor people throughout the world on family planning issues and provide contraceptives to those seeking to curtail increasing the size of their families. Family planning groups hailed the move which they believe will end discrimination against poor people by enabling them the same access to information and contraceptives as provided middle and upper class families.

Most probably some anti-abortion groups will be upset, but they should recognize that women all over the world need protection against an unwanted pregnancy and there is need to reduce family size among poor people. Bush portrayed himself as a “compassionate Conservative,” but the bottom line is the only people for whom he showed compassion were those with high incomes.