Disrespect For President, Racism In Action!

Barack Obama has endured more examples of discourtesy from the media than any prior president in American history. He has been insulted, he has had members of Congress interrupt  him and shout out derogatory comments, events that have never been committed against presidents in our history. President Obama was completing his remarks concerning new  rules which end deportation of illegal immigrants who arrived in the USA prior to 16 and are excellent students when a heckler began shouting.

Neil Munro demanded that the president answer his question. Obama replied: “Excuse me sir, it’s not time for questions.” But, when Republicans want to pose one, they intend to pose questions. “No, you have to take questions” shouted Munro. Perhaps, someone can cite an example of an American president speaking who was interrupted by a reporter demanding that he answer questions.

Racism is the Republican way of life.