Dissent In Putinland!

In Putinland, the serfs are allowed complete freedom to express their views and say anything on their minds as long as what they express is also on the mind of the Great Leader, Vladmir Putin. A group of dissenters wanted to gather in Moscow and tell the people of Russia why they disagreed with authorities, but in Putinland, one must secure permission from authorities in order to tell them they are not effective authorities. After all, since they are authorities they know best if they are or are not doing a good job.

The city of Moscow told dissenters they lacked permission to say anything and when some attempted to shout such threatening words as “We need another Russia” they were dragged from the scene by police. An elderly woman, Irine Naratoval, undoubtedly a threat to law and order complained “the authorities always prohibit such protests, and that is against the law.” Apparently the woman does not know that authorities make the law and decide what is or is not the law. That is why they are authorities and she is merely a dissenter.