Dissidents Protest In Beijing–Let The Games Begin!

Four foreign activists challenged the Chinese government by unfurling pro-Tibet banners and spoke out against the abuse of human rights in China. No arrests were made for the unusual display of dissent in the rigid regime of China although the four people were quietly led away by members of the security force. Sun Wede, spokesman for the Beijing Olympics committee, expressed “strong opposition” and hoped “foreigners will respect the related Chinese laws and regulations.” The International Olympic Committee said the Chinese government should expect people to “use the platform of the Olympic Games to draw attention to their causes” and urged Chinese authorities to use “tact and understanding.

Last Wednesday, three Americans spent almost an hour in Tiananmen Square speaking out against Chinese policy on many issues and then set up a banner in the square that said, “Christ is King.” Beijing has announced there were designated areas in which to hold protests but so far no one is using those places to express their views. The bottom line is a few people have expressed their views, the Olympic Games will proceed, and the government of China will continue existing.