Divided Days In Iraq

A decade has gone by since the initial American forces entered Iraq in search of the every elusive Weapons of Mass Destruction. A decade has gone by since American soliders first encountered Death in their lives. Saddam Hussein is long gone. Sunnis have lost power in the country and now are the ones who lack rights. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki rules, not with the iron fist of Saddam, but with an ineptness that must bring smiles to Saddam, wherever he is.  However, Kurds who were persecuted by the Saddam Husseein regime continue to encounter problems with an Iraq government.

The Kurdish Regional Government controls a large area of the northern sector and since oil is present, Maliki wants it for his government. His army now confronts the Kurdish army and the prospect for war is rather high. Oil, oil, is always a factor in life within the Middle East. It will be interesting as to what happens when the Iraq army confronts the Kurdish army.

I wonder if Maliki will seek assistance from the US?